In -Person and Online Counseling Services Provided.

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About Bottom Line Counseling Solutions

Welcome to Bottom Line Counseling Solutions!  My name is Maydean.  I am so happy that you have found my practice.  If you are looking for quality, compassionate, effective individual, or group counseling, you are in the right place.  I strongly believe in resilience and helping individuals who are searching for something greater in their lives.

Bottom Line Counseling Solutions offers adult individual and group counseling to help you learn new, effective ways to overcome addiction/substance use and codependency traits. I can help you to build self-esteem, cope with grief, and manage many stressful issues that may occur in life transitions. I specialize in working with individuals with mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety/trauma, and mood disorders.

What is the value of a life lived fully?  Bottom Line Counseling Solutions is here for people seeking to improve their lives and their ability to make better choices. Recovery is a word that can be applied to working through any difficult circumstance. Whatever the struggle, you can find balance and peace by learning healthy coping skills. With support, you can create a plan specifically crafted to your life circumstances. You have the power to enrich your quality of life..

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    We provide in-person and online therapy.

    Therapy Services We Offer

    I work with adults using a Strengths-Based and Solution-Focused approach to explore internal core beliefs …
    Group therapy is a powerful and transformative experience for many..
    Through the family systems approach, we identify roles you may unknowingly play in the family syste,..
    Online Counseling Offered

    Online Counseling

    I offer online (video) counseling sessions to anyone looking to make positive changes in their life. I provide this secure and virtual service to eliminate the challenges that can come with trying to prioritize your needs during the busyness of life. I strive to make counseling more accessible by providing comfort, flexibility, and convenience so that you can receive the help you deserve on your own schedule.

    So, what does this all mean? It means that counseling comes to you – wherever you are, whether it be in the comfort of your own home or office. All you need is an internet connection and a cozy spot!

    These sessions are delivered to clients living anywhere in Florida via a secure, encrypted, and easy to use HIPAA compliant software that you can use on your computer, tablet, or phone. Your session is confidential. I suggest that you pick a spot where you have privacy and are not at risk of being interrupted during our session.  If we are alerted to another person entering your space during our session, I shall immediately stop to protect your privacy.

    Here is How it Works

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    Why Online Counseling?

    Tele Mental Health is a relatively new concept even though many therapists have been using technology-assisted media for years. It is becoming a more prevalent form of counseling as it provides an array of benefits that a traditional office setting cannot always offer. Read below to learn more about the benefits and see if it is a good fit for you.

    Accessibility- Online counseling can provide services to a wide range of clients due to inconvenient or rural locations, physical handicaps/disabilities, or social phobias. If you have access to a computer, tablet, or phone, you are good to go!

    Flexibility- Online counseling can offer both traditional and nontraditional times to schedule sessions so that your work or personal obligations are not barriers to your path to obtain mental wellness.

    Convenience- No commute or rush-hour traffic. No waiting around in an office. Need I say more?

    Comfort- Online counseling allows the client to engage in services however you feel most comfortable. There is absolutely no pressure to appear a specific way. Want to wear pajamas or active wear? Snuggle up on the couch or bed? No problem. In addition to physical comfort, online counseling can give those who struggle with being their true selves in person an opportunity to open up in a safe and more private, familiar space.

    Openness- if you are a more generally shy person and do not thrive with face-to-face interactions, then online counseling could be for you.

    Give it a try. I am here for you!


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