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To provide quality, compassionate, evidence-based counseling services to help motivated people achieve their personal goals regarding substance use and mental health issues.
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In -Person and Online Counseling Services Provided.

---- Specialty Areas ----

We live in a time when addictions are more common than ever. From smartphones to social networking to shopping, gambling, food, and alcohol and drugs (legal and illegal), one’s addiction is a symptom of something else. The maladaptive behaviors maybe reactions to root issues such as trauma, abuse, grief, loneliness, isolation, lack of meaning, depression, anxiety disorders and anger.

It is common for people struggling with substance use to also experience other mental health issues. My goal is to help those struggling with substance misuse find alternative methods of coping with life’s difficulties. What we sometimes overlook is that substance use can help us avoid a problem altogether, to be distracted from a problem, or feel better about a problem. These behaviors can result in short-term fixes, but they do not lead to long-term solutions.

My goal is to help clients gain a better understanding of causes of their use and what keeps them attached to the substance.


Anxiety is an excessive and persistent worry or fear about everyday things. It can have a significant impact on our emotional and physical well-being if not addressed. While a degree of stress can be a healthy and helpful motivator for desired behavior, anxiety can be harmful and even crippling at times when left untreated. My goal is to help those struggling with anxiety find ways to manage and channel their worries and fears into more productive outcomes.


Depression can feel like a dark cloud hovering over you wherever you go. It can make us feel sad, alone, and ashamed. It can make us look lazy, disinterested, and unsociable. While we cannot control how someone perceives us, we know that how we look to others is not always an accurate reflection of what we are feeling. Depression can feel like a daily battle to accomplish tasks that appear so effortless to others. It is my goal to help bring comfort, hope, and motivation to those feeling emotionally and physically exhausted.


This concept refers to losing oneself in the name of helping another. This has struck a universal chord among those struggling with a loved one’s destructive behavior.  I help clients gain a better understanding that they are powerless to change anyone but themselves. I empower clients to develop tools to detach with love while embracing their Authentic Self.

Relationship concerns can play a role in contributing to stress; and therefore, they may escalate mental health problems already present. It is my goal to help clients solidify their relationships through learning skills that target communication, problem-solving, and acceptance.


Effective therapy must take the whole person and their lived experiences into account. Trauma affects socioemotional and physical development throughout the lifespan and must be addressed when treating addictive behaviors, anger, depression, anxiety, and feelings of alienation.

I use Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help clients with trauma histories learn the nature of trauma as a whole and for them individually.  I work from a trauma focused perspective and let the client lead the way. I provide a warm, supportive environment to explore closure and the depression, anxiety, and negative thoughts that frequently arise from traumatic experiences.

Life transitions640x428

Life transitions are periods in life involving significant change to your lifestyle. … This is when people start to evaluate their lives and their successes, a process that can be very painful and emotional.  Life transitions are challenging because they force us to let go of the familiar and face the future with a feeling of vulnerability. Most life transitions begin with a succession of losses: We face loss with life events that are considered joyful and with life events that are full of remorse and deep sadness. Some grief and losses hit us with the force of an expected freight train. Loss is not something you can go around. The only way out is through. It.

If you are having trouble with accepting or adjusting to a life transition, I help you find healthy ways of adjusting.

In -Person and Online Counseling Services Provided.